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Create your online stable and manage your passion for horses with the Kataklop platform!

On the Kataklop platform, you can manage your horses, your riders, the reservation of your infrastructures, your schedule, and carry out a real follow-up of work and care for each horse.

Accessible on cell phones, tablets, and PCs, it is intuitive and easy to use, and does not require the installation of any application.

The platform is modular. Indeed, it is possible at any time to add various additional modules in order to have at hand the information that seems useful and this, on a single tool.

An easier management of horses

All horses have their identity card on the platform which is directly linked to the IFCE and HorseID institutions for an official identification. The name, date of birth, breed and coat can be added. Then, you can enter the measurements; a weight calculation tool is integrated if the exact weight is not known, it will give a fairly accurate estimate.

A small + button opens a menu that allows you to add various information: an update of the measurements or weight, details on the food or the mood of the horse, a work session, an upcoming appointment of the veterinarian or the farrier or a note not to forget the deworming. And, for each item, you can add an attachment (photo, document,…). A quick and easy way to have a complete and efficient management of your horses.

On the identity card, we also find the list of people who take care of the horse. This can be riders, grooms, as well as health professionals (veterinarian, osteo, farrier,…). Each identity card can be shared (in “read-only” mode) with people on this list who wish to be informed of the latest observations.

Thus, in the follow-up of a new treatment set up for example, each person involved can consult the horse’s card and can thus interpret the observations made, and possibly add remarks.

… and the riders

The platform also allows to encode all active riders, specifying their age, their level, which will be useful when registering for courses, training courses and other events that may be limited to a certain category of riders.

A history of their activities is available to see for example which horses they have ridden and how often.

From a rider’s file, it is also possible to send a personal message or to select several riders from the list to address a group of riders.

Organize events and provide infrastructure

The platform includes a planning of activities and the creation of events. These events can be private (i.e. only internal to the stable such as private or group lessons for example) or public (open to outsiders such as the organization of a competition, a children’s course, a FFE ride, …)

Each event created in this way can be configured to be limited in terms of available places, equestrian level required, have a defined recurrence … we can also send a message to all people registered for an event.

The platform also allows you to manage “self-service”, i.e. to reserve various infrastructures that riders can use: lunging ring, paddocks, track, etc. Each self-service can of course be configured in terms of duration, time slots per day, or be limited to a certain level of rider.

For the organization of group lessons, each lesson can be planned in detail: the rider “X” who registers for the lesson of 01/03 at 17h30, will ride horse “A” on track n°1. In the agenda view, the time slot is then occupied and track n°1 is no longer available for self-service booking. And for all these reservations, the secure online payment is available as well as the possibility to credit an account in advance in order to, for example, pay in advance all the lessons of the coming month.

Available options

After many months of study and the monitoring and analysis of thousands of test images, Kataklop IN allows you to follow your horse in the stall from a smartphone wherever you are.

Intuitive, easy to use and self-learning, meaning that the more it is used, the more accurate it will prove to be.

All horse lovers agree on one thing: the obligations of daily life mean that we never spend enough time with our horse.

Having access to images of your horse when he is alone in the stall can allow you to keep in touch in a different way and to reassure yourself that you are leaving him alone. It can also teach us to discover how he behaves, how he rests, if he is agitated, etc.

Other criteria can also be taken into account in order to refine the analysis: what is the weather like, has he been taken out of his box? has he been worked on/ridden? is he sick?…

As time goes by, and the images analyzed, his little daily habits will become clearer and this can allow us to consider them as HIS reference behavior and thus be able to better judge if he behaves differently at a given moment. This can, for example, save precious time at the first signs of colic…

An “accelerated” replay of his last hours in the box is available so you don’t miss anything.

Price : 20€ / month / Camera (decreasing rates possible)

Live of KATAKLOP horses

Communicate dynamically

KATAKLOP can help its customers improve their communication within their organization

Instead of valves where important information and news are displayed, thanks to a small device placed on the back of a screen, this information can be displayed dynamically.

Thus, from the platform, everyone can choose the information they want to broadcast for a varied and effective communication.

A screen can be placed in the stable itself, for an organizational view. This communication is thus intended for the internal organization, the courses, the tasks, the care, … and/or a screen in a place rather intended for the visitors or accompanying people like the cafeteria for example. This screen would then broadcast photos of the last competition, announcements for the next club meal, or the next walk, …

Price : 20€ / month (decreasing rates possible)