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The Kataklop Platform offers a global management solution for equestrian clubs. Among the available functionalities are:

  • rider profiles
  • horse profiles
  • planning of (and registering to) private events (lessons, trainings, camps…) and public ones (shows, guided outdoor rides…)
  • management of infrastructure bookings on a self-service basis (arenas, round pen, solarium, paddock…)
  • monitoring and planning of horses care, as well as their individual work.

To each his own platform ...


5 / Month
  • Historical
  • Agenda
  • Rider : 1 included
  • Horses: 2 included


40 / Month
  • Historical
  • Agenda
  • Riders : 50 included
  • Horses: 20 Included
  • Self-service infrastructure: 5 Included


60 / Month
  • Historical
  • Agenda
  • Riders: 150 included
  • Horses: 50 included
  • Self-service infrastructure: 10 Included


80 / Month
  • Historical
  • Agenda
  • Unlimited Riders
  • Horses - 100 included
  • Self-service infrastructure: Unlimited

Available options

Thanks to the processing of images from an indoor camera in the stall (any camera, only a few technical prerequisites are necessary), various features can be detected: the horse’s presence, its position (sitting down, standing up, head outside, lying down…), its agitation, the quality of its rest / sleep. With specific criteria of your choice, you can also be notified and/or alerted if the horse is excessively agitated.

Price : 20€/month/camera

declining price according to quantity, contact us

Live of KATAKLOP horses

Thanks to screens placed in your equestrian club, improve highly your internal communication: broadcast all the information useful to your structure, such as upcoming events, rules reminders, planning, pictures, sponsors … All entirely customisable. There also is a mobile app which includes instant messaging, picture and video sharing, planning…

Price : 10€/month